‘Meant to Be’ by Nan Reinhardt

Meant to Be by Nan Reinhardt (Four Irish Brothers Winery, #2) Published by: Tule PublishingPublication date: July 18th 2019Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Synopsis: Can a near-tragedy help two best friends realize they’re meant to be so much more? Best friends since grade school, high-powered Chicago attorney, Sean Flaherty, and small-town mayor Megan Mackenzie have always shared a special bond. When Sean is… Continue reading ‘Meant to Be’ by Nan Reinhardt


Once Upon An Enchanted Forest: An Anthology of Romantic Witchcraft Stories, designed by KD Ritchie

Once Upon an Enchanted Forest: An Anthology of Romantic Witchcraft Stories Authors: Alisha Klapheke, Angela J. Ford, Autumn Shelley, Bethany Adams, Charissa Weaks,Elva Birch, Emma Hamm, Juliet Marillier,Michelle Tang, Morgan Jensen Publication date: September 24th 2019Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance Synopsis: The autumnal equinox is a time of harvest and celebration, a balance of light and darkness, of magick and transformation. It’s a time when those who honor… Continue reading Once Upon An Enchanted Forest: An Anthology of Romantic Witchcraft Stories, designed by KD Ritchie


‘The Night We Met’ by Beth Rinyu

The Night We Met Beth Rinyu Publication date: July 18th 2019Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceI’ve always been three things: Loving daughter, devoted sister, and cynical romantic. Okay, maybe not always the last one, that didn’t happen until my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, and not with just anyone…my best friend. One year later, and I’m over relationships,… Continue reading ‘The Night We Met’ by Beth Rinyu

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‘Boundary’ by Ebony Olson

BoundaryEbony Olson Publication date: September 20th 2019Genres: Adult, Paranormal, RomanceVera Cana has given her life to escape her abusive ex. She’s earned her freedom and has the scars to prove it. Now, she’s starting a new life. Purchasing a cottage in a lush forest, she’s ready to live out her days in peace. The goddess… Continue reading ‘Boundary’ by Ebony Olson


‘Vanished’ by Lisa Hughey

Vanished by Lisa Hughey (ALIAS, #3) Publication date: July 23rd 2019Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Synopsis: He will do anything to find his brother’s killer, even pretend to love his enemy.His final opportunity… On an unsanctioned quest, Scottish officer Hamish Ballard tracks his brother’s killer across the world… until he hits a dead end at Adams-Larsen. Jillian Larsen knows more than she admits,… Continue reading ‘Vanished’ by Lisa Hughey


His Sweetest Sin by Fiona Murphy

His Sweetest Sin: BBW Romance Fiona Murphy Publication date: May 25th 2018Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceI can’t believe it. Christopher Baldwin, the baddest boy in baseball, wants me. Amelia Bishop…I was maybe a solid seven before an accident changed my life, leaving me fat, broken, and avoiding mirrors. If he hadn’t said it with a stare… Continue reading His Sweetest Sin by Fiona Murphy


‘Cross crease’ by Elizabeth Hartey

Cross Crease Elizabeth Hartey (On the Edge, #3)Published by: Limitless PublishingPublication date: August 20th 2019Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, SportsHeaven I was fourteen the first time I laid eyes on the smoking hot, silver-eyed, goalie. Damon Wolfe was the most gorgeous boy I’d ever seen. All it took was one glance, one sentence and my heart… Continue reading ‘Cross crease’ by Elizabeth Hartey


‘The Sin Soldiers’ by Tracy Auerbach

The Sin Soldiers Tracy Auerbach (Fragments, #1)Publication date: July 23rd 2019Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young AdultRed compound makes them angry. Yellow exhausts them. Blue drives them into a state of ravenous addiction. The thief Kai knows about the chemically controlled soldiers of the Eastern forces and their savage, deadly nature. When a robbery attempt at… Continue reading ‘The Sin Soldiers’ by Tracy Auerbach


‘Fractured’ by Elle Charles

FracturedElle Charles (Fractured, #1)Publication date: May 7th 2014Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceHow do you learn to remember when you have forced yourself to forget? How do you learn to trust when those who were meant to protect you failed? Catering assistant, Kara Petersen, leads a quiet, monotonous life until a simple twist of fate changes everything.… Continue reading ‘Fractured’ by Elle Charles