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Cover Reveal: ‘Conjuring Wrath’ by Michelle Gross

Conjuring Wrath by Michelle Gross (Seven Deadly #3) Publication date: July 22nd 2019Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis: Reapers are the peacekeepers—the balancers of life and death, good and evil. They’re the police of the Underworld in a way. They keep both worlds balanced just enough so that the King of the Underworld can never escape his prison.For the day his reign… Continue reading Cover Reveal: ‘Conjuring Wrath’ by Michelle Gross

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‘Broken Pieces’ by Tori Fox

Broken Pieces Tori Fox Publication date: June 20th 2019Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceI’ve been broken. Time and again. My body. My heart. My soul. I’m tired of pretending I’m happy. Even when he makes it seem easy. But my heart is incapable of loving again. ________________________ She thinks she can’t love. That there is nothing left… Continue reading ‘Broken Pieces’ by Tori Fox

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Love at Lakewood Med by T.J. Amberson

Love at Lakewood Med by T.J. Amberson Publication date: June 9th 2019Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary,Romance Synopsis: Savannah Drake would be thrilled about starting her final year of medical school if it weren’t for one thing: she has to spend a month working in the emergency room with cold, aloof Dr. Wesley Kent as her mentor. When her first day in the… Continue reading Love at Lakewood Med by T.J. Amberson

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‘A Woman Like Her’ by Hannalore Jones

A Woman Like Her Hannalore Jones Publication date: June 19th 2019Genres: Adult, Romance, SuspenseThey thought they could control a woman like her. Seri’s world shattered when they labeled her father a traitor. Three years later, the government that disavowed him makes her an offer she can’t refuse, sending her on a dangerous mission to seduce… Continue reading ‘A Woman Like Her’ by Hannalore Jones

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Book Blogger Hop #1

Oh no - She is up to something new again. What is it? What is this about? wellllllllllllllllll~ Book Blogger Hop The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question from other bloggers!! The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday .. Which this means… Continue reading Book Blogger Hop #1

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‘Crush’ by Carrie Banks

CrushCarrie Banks (Sea Crest Series, #1)Publication date: June 18th 2019Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young AdultRy… My world was black. I was living bottle to bottle. Only waking up for a new one. I was burning through girls. Loving them and leaving them. I swore that I’d never love again. The pain of losing it was too… Continue reading ‘Crush’ by Carrie Banks

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The Haunting of Sloss Furnace

In the years following the Civil War, Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces became the mecca of pig iron needed for thousands of steel products around the country. This industrial boom coupled with the city’s seemingly overnight transformation into a metropolis, unfortunately, came at a cost. Of course this paved the way for the industrial revolution from skyscrapers in New… Continue reading The Haunting of Sloss Furnace

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‘Sweet Poisons’ by Natalie Bennett

Sweet Poisons Natalie Bennett (Pretty Lies, Ugly Truths Duets, #1)Publication date: June 18th 2019Genres: New Adult, RomanceRhett Sullivan. Mysterious boy painted in shades of red. Nova Markov Eccentric girl dripping in sunshine. He was the type mother’s warned their little girls about—a cocky, rich asshole with a pretty smile, unapologetically insane and wild. I was… Continue reading ‘Sweet Poisons’ by Natalie Bennett

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‘Kasey’ by Jennifer Hanks

Synopsis: One. Defining. Moment. Kasey Moore is happy to be home. Moving to New Hope as a teenager hadn’t been easy, but once she settled in, she couldn’t imagine herself living anywhere else. After four years in College, she’s finally back to living in the town she loves and working her dream job as a… Continue reading ‘Kasey’ by Jennifer Hanks

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A Review: ‘A Handful of Might’ by Joel Green

1975 Blake Drysdale is an aviator, smuggler and all-round crook.Accepting a mission from British Intelligence, he and his crew find themselves dropped into the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War in pursuit of a fugitive Nazi war criminal and a fortune in gold. On the run, they take flight across the globe and discover… Continue reading A Review: ‘A Handful of Might’ by Joel Green