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A Poem: Home

The scent of vinegar attacks your nostrils
So much to do
All out and needing to get more
Only two days left to finish this madness.

Long journey awaits us
Filled with Joy, Laughter and fun
Yet here I am terrified
A moment in a lifetime with you.

A slow single step
that leads to a journey that will last
One that will bring us to a relaxing state
I’m not prepared.

Ready for the unknown you are
While I brisk for something i’m afraid of
It will be ok
You whisper to calm me.

The most softest fur touches your arm
Startled by the sudden moment
Hello little one
Purring fills your ears with a soft meow.

The scent of vinegar is so strong
the touch of boxes and the overwhelming sense
Its only been a day
Here we are.

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