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Reason I Cried During my Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a awful addition to your emotions especially when your creeping up closer and closer to your due date… Like many others there are a billion reasons why we cried in the last 72 hours but here are mine.. IN a lovely random order

purple woman and pregnant woman signage on white painted wall

  • I came home from work to open the door slowly not to scare Ninja or Chewy as they both tend to run to hide but this time they didn’t. I cried because Ninja came up to me.
  • Dear made tilapia.
  • A hi-Chew commercial because it was too happy.
  • A story about a sad cat
  • Not being able to get comfy.
  • Could not find that skirt with the pockets that still fits at 16 weeks.
  • Unable to fit into my favorite work shoes because my feet has been swollen since week 10.
  • I’m terrified of how I will feel after giving birth.. I already feel overly anxious and all anxiety meds will not help. I’m afraid i’ll be a stranger to myself.
  • I cried cause a cheesy motivational post on reddit.
  • I wanted to go back to sleep (it was 7:30 and I needed to get ready for work).
  • love offered to make me coffee for work (I been ok’s to drink half a cup to wake me up and energize me).
  • Because I could not open the new bag of grapes… Why?
  • Because Lyla used to be able to fit into her little clothes.
  • New born socks are way too cute and I can not handle how cute they are.
  • Because I saw a picture of a baby lost holding the rainbow unborn childs hand. It was so cute!
  • I was cleaning and stumbled upon the package of things when flip passed away. I broke down for a solid 15 minutes. Before I would get sad but nothing like this. Must be the hormones.

Today also marks a special day…. It’s my darlings birthday! Happy Birthday Dearest! ❤
Maybe everyone will get a sneak peak at what I planned for his birthday

macro photography of heart shape sand decor


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